Gummii - Math apps that work.

Gummii Multiply

Adaptive Modules that deliver improvement in multiplication skills from Grade 2 to 5.

Gummii 3D

Develops math reasoning independently, while reinforcing our core curriculum.

Gummii Class

Collect and export learner data from Gummii apps.

Gummii Sticks

A touch screen twist on an educational classic: Japanese Multiplication reimagined for iPad.

Stephen (Gummii CEO) as a kid.



Co-founder & CEO

Stephen spotted the need for better math learning when his daughter needed help in school.
He enrolled her in the leading tutorial service, only to find the worksheets painful and ineffective.
With 15+ years’ experience building tech-based businesses, Stephen developed a plan for a better solution and assembled a dream team to execute.

Stephen earned his Ph.D. from Cambridge (not in math) and taught at Harvard (nope, not in math either) before joining The Boston Consulting Group, where he helped build web businesses for Fortune 500 companies.

He lives with two elementary (and one secondary) math learners.