Gummii - Math apps that work.

Gummii Multiply

Adaptive Modules that deliver improvement in multiplication skills from Grade 2 to 5.

Gummii 3D

Develops math reasoning independently, while reinforcing our core curriculum.

Gummii Class

Collect and export learner data from Gummii apps.

Gummii Sticks

A touch screen twist on an educational classic: Japanese Multiplication reimagined for iPad.

Anyone can be great at math.

Train young brains by mixing proven learning with real fun.

Proven to improve multiplication.
By 7 × 7 %*

Teachers with apps recommended.
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*Multiply learners with initial scores on a standardized multiplication test of less than 60% see an average improvement of 49 percentage points. Improvement of at least 34 pp is projected for 19 out of 20 learners.

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What People Are Saying

Over 500K learners, parents and educators
Top ranked in App Store – #4 in US>Educational Games
Average user rating: ★★★★ 1/2



… a bright ray of sunshine in a storm of ho-hum math apps …

BEST OF 2015”

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A 3D game where you advance by doing math? That’s like adding vitamins to candy!

-App Store Reviewer

Gummii combines proven math learning techniques with real fun like no other math app I’ve seen.

-Brent Davis, Ph.D., Werklund School of Education

Build cool stuff in your 3D world.
Make your own Gummii avatar.
Learn math tricks that really work.
Show off your math progress.

Meet the Gummii Suite

Gummii is a gamified microadaptive learning system for iPad, proven to deliver extraordinary improvement in elementary math skills.

Co-founded by a renowned research chair in math education, our mission is to help struggling learners master math through automaticity and understanding.

Our Common Core-based Grade 1-3 curriculum builds “mental math” skills essential for later success.

This is how.

Made for touch

Made For Touch

Most math apps are recycled worksheets. Which leaves untapped potential.

Gummii was founded by a parent, math educator and mobile developer who shared a belief in the magic of tactile learning.

Research shows that concept acquisition becomes easier when abstractions are made concrete.

So we’ve designed our curriculum from the ground up, expressly for touch screens.

Blending proven offline techniques with tools not available in any other medium.


Adapting to you.

Adapting To You

For us, ‘adaptive learning’ is more than just a catch phrase. It’s our calling.

Personalization is the essence of learning. To develop any skill, learners need:

  1. A curriculum focused on individual needs.
  2. Tools that build understanding.
  3. Targeted practice.

Gummii incorporates all three. And we’re just getting started.

Real game.

Real Game

Gamified learning is a nice idea. But you can’t fake fun.

Learning through play is not new. Ask baby animals.

Yet often it fails in its promise. Most “math games” are tolerated, not enjoyed. Some even distract from learning.

Gummii’s 3D game develops math reasoning independently, while reinforcing our core curriculum.

Above all: it’s fun.

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Our Story

Gummii was founded by an exasperated parent, a renowned math educator, and a leading mobile game developer.

Stephen (Gummii CEO) as a kid.



Co-founder & CEO


Brent (Gummii Chief Learning Officer) as a kid.Brent Davis


Co-founder & Chief Learning Officer


Michael as a kidMichael




Our Influences

The best inventions have their roots in great thinking.
At Gummii we’ve been inspired and informed by some amazing thought leaders — some of whom we’re proud to call friends.


Great performers isolate remarkably specific aspects of what they do and focus on just those things until they are improved; then it’s on to the next aspect.


A game is an opportunity to focus our energy at something we’re good at—or getting better at—and enjoy. When [educational] games work—when they marry good game design with strong educational content—they provide a welcome relief to students who feel otherwise under-engaged in their daily school lives.


We learn by example and by direct experience because there are real limits to the adequacy of verbal instruction.


In my experience, children want two things in order to be happy at school: to exercise their minds and to show off. Mathematics may well be the subject where children can most easily satisfy both of these desires.


The monkeys solved the puzzle simply because they found it gratifying to solve puzzles. They enjoyed it. The joy of the task was its own reward.


Math underpins everything in the cosmos, including us, yet too few of us understand this universal language well enough to revel in its wisdom, its beauty—and its joy.


So what should we say when children complete a task—say, math problems—quickly and perfectly? When this happens, I say, “Whoops. I guess that was too easy. I apologize for wasting your time. Let’s do something you can really learn from!

What's Math Got to Do with It?: How Teachers and Parents Can Transform Mathematics Learning and Inspire Success

Some students think their role is to memorize all the steps and methods. Others think their role is to connect ideas. [The former] are the lowest achieving in the world.

How Children Succeed - Paul Tough

What matters most in a child’s development is not how much we can stuff into her brain. What matters is whether we’re able to help her develop a set of qualities we sometimes think of as character.

Smartest kids in world book cover - by Amanda Ripley

Finally, it was clear that the real innovation in Korea was not happening in the government or the public schools. It was happening in Korea’s shadow education system—the multimillion-dollar afterschool tutoring complex.


Innumerate people have a strong tendency to personalize — to be misled by their own experiences, or by the media’s focus on individuals and drama.


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